Shell Shocked

A Landscape team was routinely strimming grass on the side of a road in leafy Berkshire when, eagle-eyed, they spotted a shotgun shell.

For many of you reading this Bulletin, a shotgun shell on site won’t be an unusual find. However, as this was a road adjacent to the M4 near Slough it raised an eyebrow. On closer inspection the shell was discovered to still be live, which raised the other eyebrow!
The shell was reported to the client who arranged safe removal. Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) are not that unusual on forestry sites, especially working around military grounds, or even ground that had previously been used for military exercises dating back a few decades. When planning works on site the potential for the presence of UXO should always be considered. A cursory review will highlight those sites where the presence of UXO is a real possibility. For those sites more information will be needed to complete a risk assessment and decide upon appropriate controls.