June Safety & Assurance bulletin

Chequered Past?

Does your work equipment’s condition deteriorate as you use it? In other words does you kit wear out? Could that affect the safety of the user and those in the vicinity?

In the harsh forestry environment the answer to these questions is ‘yes’.

So what to do? The PUWER Regulations require us to maintain our work equipment and inspect it regularly to ensure it remains safe to use. But what inspections are required? Generally there are three levels of inspections for any piece of work equipment:

  1. User pre-use visual check: Not normally recorded. The user checks the general condition of the work equipment and safety features are in place and operable.
  2. Periodic User Inspection: Normally a recorded structured A bit of a deeper look over the equipment. Often conducted weekly. Tilhill provide check books for the most common Forestry and Landscaping machine types.
  3. Formal Inspection: A much deeper inspection including items the user would not be competent to do. The inspections are often tied to the servicing and preventative maintenance schedule for a machine and may be carried out by a dealer or in-house mechanic.

Whoever undertakes the various checks, they must be competent to do the level of checking they are undertaking. The more invasive and safety critical the inspection, the greater the competence. If you were asked, could you show evidence you are inspecting your equipment and maintaining it to a safe condition, and demonstrate the competence of those checking?

June Safety & Assurance bulletin