Reports from sites

In this Bulletin, over the years, we have brought to you many instances of near misses that have happened on live sites, where no harm was caused, but we can all take learnings from.

  • It is from this collective effort that we further refine our Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality processes. Those reports have helped us target our effort in reducing risk.

Sometimes single significant events have allowed us to learn a great deal. In other instances, it has been the collective effect, where we review many similar small events to see what the common issues have been, that provide us with valuable learning.

However, in recent times there has been a decline in the number of reports we receive. It would be nice to think that the trend is showing that we have significantly improved conditions on site. However, while undoubtedly things have improved over the years, and we thank you sincerely for the part you have played in that, the decline in reporting does not reflect other findings from site, such as at Audit.

It doesn’t matter what you call these events, Near Misses, Near Hits, Safety Events, Unsafe Acts, Close Calls etc., we want to hear about them. We want to understand why they occurred and what we collectively do to reduce the chance of recurrence. This is to the benefit of all of us. After all, today’s Near Miss could be tomorrow’s accident.

When the opportunity has arisen in the past, we have brought to you examples of good practice from sites and our contractors. There is so much good work going on at present and we would love to help share that good practice. Health, Safety and Environment is more about the good work that is done every day, than the few times it goes wrong. I’m sure some of you will feel that you can get everything right for 364 days a year, but the 1 day it doesn’t go to plan is the day people are interested in.

We’d like to redress the balance – if you have an example of good practice you’d like to share, please either respond on the return of this Bulletin, or speak with your Tilhill Manager. It would be great to be able to have a Contractor Showcase as a regular feature in this Bulletin.