Quad Bike Safety

In the past 18 months we have experienced a few incidents where a quad bike has rolled over, fortunately, without any injury to the operator or resultant pollution.

  • We are carrying out a review of these incidents to look for common factors and examine all learning points in order to improve our control measures.

FISA has a comprehensive guide for ATV Quad Bikes (FISA 701). All ATV Quad Bikes must be operated in line with the FISA guide, paying particular attention to the route planning and terrain assessment elements. It is a requirement that all ATV Quad Bike riders wear a safety helmet e.g. a motorcycle helmet which meets BS 6658 or UN ECE regulation 22.05, or an ATV helmet/other head protection which meets BSEN 1384.

Once our review is complete, we will update our own procedures and report our findings in this Bulletin.