Safety & assurance bulletin July 2021

Public Interfaces

The increase in public access to working sites these past 12 months is being widely discussed in the industry.

Public Interfaces

As foreign travel is still restricted it is to be expected that more and more of us will holiday in the UK this year.

This may bring more people into our wonderful countryside who perhaps are not as familiar with the Countryside Code and how to interface with our This may manifest itself in several ways, including more public walking onto site, increased fire risk from picnics and BBQs, to more enquiries into the environmental impact of forestry works. At Tilhill we have certainly seen an increased interest in our worksites.

Sadly, vandalism and theft are not uncommon on forestry sites, especially during evenings and over weekends. There are recent examples of theft and vandalism in the industry. The damage caused goes beyond insured losses as there will be uninsured costs and the emotional impact as well.

FISA Worksite Group is looking at this topic and is consulting with the Scottish Partnership Against Rural Crime. They would like to talk to similar Groups in England and Wales. The FISA website does have a link to further information:

Managing Public Safety on Harvesting Sites


Consider the likelihood of high levels of public – is the site close to housing, on national walking routes, beauty spots, mountain bike trails or public car parks?
If possible, consult with local groups where they can be identified.
Consider the security risk locally and try to take appropriate precautions.
Review the levels of public access and your arrangements as the work progresses. Are they being effective or do they need to be revised?