PPE – The Last Line of Defence

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is your last line of defence against injury and must ALWAYS be worn, kept up-to-date and in good condition.


  • PPE is a requirement on ALL active harvesting sites, where it is stated on risk assessments and/or in the site rules.

PPE is not an optional extra. It is specified to protect you from the hazards of the work that cannot be reduced to acceptable levels by any other means.

Employers have a duty to provide employees with PPE as required under current legislation, which is deemed necessary to protect against hazards likely to be encountered in the course of their duties.

As an employee you also have a duty under Section 7 of the Health and Safety at Work Act to ensure your own health and safety at work. Refusing to wear equipment necessary to control exposure to residual risks puts you in breach of that duty and of the Regulations.

The wearer of PPE also demonstrates professionalism and discipline.

A focus on hats:

  • Thirty to 50 per cent of body heat is lost through the A winter hat adds as much warmth as all your layers.
  • Balaclavas are excellent for protecting facial tissue from frostbite.
  • Where it is mandatory to wear a hard hat, make sure that if you wear a hat under your hard hat you have adjusted the cradle and that your hat sits securely on your head.
  • Wearing a hoodie under your hard hat can restrict your vision.
  • Manufacturer approved head warmers are available that can be fitted and worn under your safety This will ensure you receive the best possible fit for your safety helmet without compromising on safety.

Did you know?

Fact 1 – In a study conducted for HSE, around 24,000 accidents, which could have been prevented with correctly used and maintained Personal Protective Equipment, were reported in a seven-year period.

Fact 2 – In many cases, it is not possible to completely eliminate hazards by other means.

Fact 3 – The dangers arising from many hazardous activities can only be controlled by wearing PPE.