The planting season is now well underway, and so it seems the right time to remind ourselves of the importance of ensuring everyone on site has been given an adequate briefing

The briefing must address the site hazards and constraints ,planting requirements and specifications and the control measures to minimise Health, Safety and Environmental risk.

At face value planting trees might seem like a simple task, but there are many aspects that require knowledge and experience.

Tilhill has a Pre­Planting Briefing sheet that must be gone through with all involved in the planting activity and covers topics such as:

  • Point of Work Risk Assessment.
  • Pesticides use and pre­treated trees
  • Interpretation and understanding of the planting maps.
  • Planting technique and stocking densities.
  • Use of machinery and ATVs.
  • Correct waste disposal.

When planting treated trees it is essential that contractors have been properly briefed on the required PPE and the correct order to put it on, take off, clean and store it. This is laid out in tool box talk 53 (TT/53). The appropriate COSHH assessment must also be provided.