Plans for the Planting Season

In advance of the planting season this year make sure you are fully briefed of our requirements including good practice on site:

Plan for Quality  

We expect good quality planting delivered to specification. Make sure all your operatives are fully briefed on requirements.

Clear specifications should be set out in work instructions  with risk assessments identifying significant health, safety and environmental risks on site and agreed controls.

Treated Trees

You may be handling treated trees – make sure you are clear of how to manage exposure to chemicals: period of  exposure, PPE requirements, and the need for Pesticide Records. Do you know what pesticide has been used? Make sure you are briefed and check the COSHH assessment.

Stocking Density

Be clear on what is required. If stocking is 2,700 per ha, how will you check that this is achieved as work is carried out?

Correct Planting Technique 

Do all your team know about good plant handling, storage requirements and venting planting trees? What type of cut is required, care of roots when planting, differences between broadleaf planting and conifer? Which side of the mound or plough ribbon to plant and why?

Waste and Disposal

Consider the rubbish that will be created on site and make plans for dealing with it. Store all waste securely on site to protect from wind and avoid contamination of watercourses.   Plastic bags  must be segregated for easy collection and disposal.

Plant/Equipment Use

Any ATVs/Quads on site should be used by qualified and competent operators only. Weekly Check Books should be available on site for recording inspections. Ground check the routes you’re proposing to drive ATVs over and remember ground conditions change with weather and use.

Toolbox talks are also available to help brief your team on site:

  • Planting and Plant Handling Toolbox talk (TT/52).
  • Plant handling and planting Pesticide treated trees (TT/53).
  • Slips/Trips/Falls Walking Across Planting, Mounding, Harvesting Sites (TT/59).


It is good practice to start the season with a Pre-planting briefing to the planting teams, see the Tilhill Forestry Briefing Guide GN/FT/22, refer to this together with the Tree Planting FISA Guide (FISA103).