Peter Chappell, Woodland Investment Seminar

Next month will see Tilhill Forestry speaking to investment managers and financial advisors about woodland value enhancements, legalities and creating woodlands.

We caught up with Peter Chappell ahead of the Woodland Investment Seminar on 6th June in Yorkshire.

Peter (MSc, MICFor) is a provider of a woodland aquisition advisory service that supports the process of woodland valuations to clients across England and Wales.

Q. Can you tell your guests what they can expect from the upcoming Woodland Investment Seminar?

A. Many English woodland investors are interested on how to make wise choices in terms of selecting, acquiring and managing woodland property to take advantage of the dynamism in the market.  Investors want to enter the market, but they don’t want their investment to be purely underpinned  by strong historic returns when there is so much variation. They want a plan to achieve a desired return. That in a nutshell is what the Tilhill Forestry Investment Seminar is all about.

The first presentation explains the ‘Woodland enhancement’ concept, which, as an approach substantially reduces property investment risk and optimises the potential of the woodland.  We will also encompass the current potential for afforestation on marginal agricultural land, and consider how the emerging area of ecosystem services could affect woodland investment.

Q. Can you give us some insights into the woodland market?

A. Last year the woodland market in England was worth around £20m and made up just under 20% of the whole forestry market.  Some market commentators have suggested that values have grown by up to 50% in the last year.  However, large value increases have not occurred across the board.

The English market is extremely varied, with many properties in different localities and with different characteristics having all performed very differently in terms of value growth. Certainly the last year has been very dynamic. 

Q. Tilhill has offered a great panel of speakers, what can we expect from their talks?

A. We will get some insights from John Myers, an expert on woodland conveyancing on some legal aspects that clients may wish to consider when undertaking a woodland property purchase. He is a member of the Agricultural Law Association and deals with a broad range of agricultural matters includingthe sale and purchase of estates, farms and rural property, agricultural tenancies and land registration.

 I am really pleased to say that we will also benefit from the thoughts of Mike Tustin from John Clegg & Co who has been one of the main sellers of woodland in England for many years and whose experience always is thought provoking and enlightening.

At the end of the seminar we have two of our senior managers from the North of England, Stuart Pearson and Simon Marrington who will be sharing their practical experience of how woodland operations can transform properties and what the current possibilities are in terms of afforestation in the North of England.  The opportunities in terms of the ‘Great Northern Forest’ will of course be high on the agenda.

 Finally, along with the speakers, Bruce Richardson, Head of Investment and Property for Tilhill Forestry will be present to meet and catch up with existing and new investors over Tea and coffee or lunch.

 The last two seminars we have held have been really high quality events, which I know the audience valued.  Now, I hope that this third seminar with our new location at Harrogate can be even better!


If you are interested in attending our Woodland Investment Seminar June 6th, RSVP via Eventbrite here


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