New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone has had a very happy and festive period and that Santa has been good to all of you!

You will all surely all be bright eyed, and bushy tailed as you approach the start of work for 2024. Happy New Year!
Coming back to work the sites we left in December may have changed with weather, our minds have been on other things, daylight hours are short, the weather is seasonally poor and so now more than at any time in the year it is important to stop before you start.
Stop and take the time to review your site, your equipment and your risk assessment. Re-brief the risk assessment with all on site and walk to look at the difficult areas, especially where diffuse pollution is a risk.

It’ll be no surprise to you that most diffuse pollution incidents occur over the winter. The most significant risks on our sites will remain through 2023, and as with all previous year the best way we can manage these risks is by proper planning and our competence.

So I ask you to make some New Year Resolutions to always ensure the work you are doing has been properly planned, those plans are known to all on site and that you  if something changes or isn’t going to plan. Stopping and reassessing is a hugely powerful tool. It gives us time to adapt and change. Carrying on and hoping for the best rarely results in the outcomes we all desire.