New Report on Land Use from the Committee on Climate Change Released

Following 99 years since the Forestry Act was created the Committee on Climate Change release a new report detailing land use, reducing emmissions and preparing for climate change.
The report on how to improve land use to meet climate goals, details mitigation and adaptation objectives and discusses how land can be used to achieve greenhouse reduction goals, building resilience to climate change through land use change and transitioning to alternative land uses.
Forestry Director, Tim Liddon says ‘I welcome the CCC Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change report issued this week. This again underpins the argument for Forestry and action for more tree planting. Forests are multi purpose – producing timber, flood mitigation and of course stores carbon. With joined up thinking it will not be beyond the wit of man to deliver – we owe it to our children.’
Read the full report, which is one of two here