New edition of good practice guide to prevent diffuse pollution in forests

A 2nd edition of a hugely popular on-the-ground guide for forest workers has been released, to help protect Scotland’s rivers and streams from pollution.

The pocket sized booklet called ‘Know the Rules’ conveys straightforward messages for all those who work in forests to protect water quality. It is accompanied by a 2nd edition of the ‘Keep your Distance’ vehicle sticker.

These useful reminders aim to get operators to raise the bar on how forestry operations are planned, communicated and managed in order to minimise diffuse pollution risk and protect the water environment. The key message is prevention rather than cure.

The straightforward messages remind all forest workers about minimum legal and UK Forestry Standard requirements, which all those working in forests should comply with.

Julia Garritt from Forestry Commission Scotland said;
“The Forestry & Water Scotland initiative has been a great example of agencies and organisations working together to help forestry operators see how prevention rather than cure helps them comply with the law, reduce the risk of water pollution, and be part of a responsible, can-do industry.

“The 2nd edition booklet keeps some of the same material as the 1st edition, for example on ground preparation, storing fuel, fertilisers and pesticides, and constructing silt traps. It expands on topics like pre-commencement, biosecurity, private and public water supplies, litter, and what to do in case of a pollution incident.

“There is a huge amount of information on the website such as “how-to” guidance, videos of best practice, and key documents. We distributed 5000 booklets and stickers (and another 500 in Polish) in just the first year, but operators are welcome to get a 2nd edition to make sure they are up to date. Booklets and stickers can be requested through the Forestry & Water Scotland web page.”

The guidance is part of a wealth of material released by the Forestry & Water Scotland initiative, a partnership between Forestry Commission Scotland SEPA, Confor, Forestry Contractors Association (FCA), Scottish Water and Scottish Government.

All materials are available for free at www.forestrywaterscotland.com