Never mind the buzzards?

To answer our question in the title, yes we very much mind the buzzards, and our guidance will help you identify and protect them.

We are well into the nesting season now and we should always be mindful of the risks of nesting birds on active sites. Initial surveys will have been carried out before work activity starts but daily checks will also need to be taken to check for nesting activities and nesting birds as work progresses.

Our Toolbox Talk: Nest Identification – Is it a common buzzard? (TT/79) provides useful information on identification and is supported by the Guidance Note: Finding and Protecting Raptor Nests in Woodlands (GN/73). The Guidance Note gives information on searching for raptor nests, confirming if nests are active and how and when to proceed with forest operations.

These documents can be downloaded from our Contractor Portal on the Tilhill Website: www.tilhill.com/contractors.

All wild birds are protected by law, if you suspect or find an occupied nest STOP WORK and contact the Tilhill manager immediately.