Near Miss Reporting

The subject of near miss reporting is often discussed in safety circles.

It is generally accepted that good near miss reporting and effective action taken is proven to lower rates of future injury.
At Tilhill we support this and always encourage our staff and contractors to report near misses, property damage, safety concerns and anything else that had the potential to cause injury, pollution or loss.
To encourage the reporting good quality near misses this year we are launching a monthly ‘Good Call Award’.

Each month we will take all the reports we have received and will judge a winner. The criteria we will be looking at includes: potential severity saved, action taken, applicability to other sites and how obvious it was.

The issue or concern can be Health, Safety, Environment, Ecological, Social or Quality based.

The winner each month will be awarded a voucher.

If you don’t report a concern it can’t be judged, remember it is the quality and substance that is being judged, not the volume you submit. The competition is open to all Tilhill staff, including office based staff and our approved contractors whilst working for us.