Safety & Assurance Bulletin - January 2023

Lorry Overturn

A fully loaded timber lorry tipped over whilst exiting a site.

A route unsuitable for timber haulage had been taken. Once it became clear the route was unsuitable the driver stopped to assess the situation, which was the correct course of action. Whilst stopped the weight of the loaded vehicle caused the edge of the road to give way and the lorry tipped onto it’s side. Investigating the incident using Tilhill’s Just Culture model of accident investigation, the reasons for the wrong turn were investigated. The driver hadn’t been provided with sufficient information about the haul route, and recent work on the unsuitable road left it appearing clearer and more frequently used at the junction.

The unit was recovered by a professional recovery team and environmental damage from spilt fluids minimised by the use on the spill kit.

The driver hadn’t been provided sufficient information about the haul route.

Learning Points:

  • Timber haulage drivers must be provided with adequate maps that clearly show the approved route from the highway to the site and out.
  • Drivers must be able to understand the maps issued to them.
  • Haul routes must be maintained in a suitable and safe condition.
  • On long or complex haul routes consider directional signage.