Lockdown Continues

As the Covid-19 Lockdown continues Tilhill, along with the rest of the industry, has been steadily adapting to the new situation we all find ourselves in.

It is fortunate that a significant proportion of the work the industry undertakes naturally lends itself well to social distancing, but we have all had to focus our efforts in adopting the new hygiene requirements.

Communication is key for both staff, contractors and clients. Tilhill is constantly monitoring the updates provided by central and devolved governments, as well as the Forest and Landscaping industries to ensure our guidance meets or exceeds legislative requirements and industry best practice so we can keep everyone up-to-date. At the heart of this has been protecting the health of us all.

We are keeping both our internal intranet and contractor’s portal updated with our latest guidance. We have published a guide for First Aiders in relation to applying first aid treatment during the Covid-19 outbreak on our sites and the appropriate precautions that need to be taken in order to minimise their risk of being exposed to Covid-19.

The outbreak has caused us all to work in different ways, whether that is social distancing on site, or undertaking tasks remotely. Some of these adaptations have given rise to unintended benefits, such as reduction in travel and the resultant reduction in vehicle emissions. As countries start to look at the process of lifting the current restrictions we will continue to adapt to each new reality, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the benefits lockdown has brought.

We must continue to observe all the guidelines required to protect ourselves and our families as well as continuing to support each other both at work and at home.