Light at the end of the tunnel?

Our life with Covid continues, with varying restrictions in place across the UK. England is returning to a regional tiered system, Wales has national restrictions and Scotland has a 4 level approach.


  • We have confirmation that we can form a bubble of three households for a few days over Christmas, but larger Christmas and New Year parties won’t be happening this year.

Through this though there has been encouraging news this month regarding progress with vaccines, but it is unlikely these will enable a full lifting of restrictions anytime soon. By and large the restrictions in each country haven’t affected our ability to continue work on site safely, but, as we covered last month we must guard against complacency. We must continue to apply all the controls identified in our Covid 19 Guides and local risk assessments.

While we will all be glad to return for some form of normality, we must consider what the benefits of lockdowns and restrictions have been. The reduction in travel with the associated time and emissions through the use of technology is something that we can hold on to, to some degree. It will all be a matter of balance.