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Chance Police Check Finds Man Guilty of Waste Crime


  • A Magistrates’ court has fined a man without the authority to carry waste.

The court heard how police stopped the offender in 2018 on suspicion of a defective tyre, but on closer inspection, officers realised the van was filled with domestic and garden waste, as well as metal.

When questioned the man told police he was a registered waste carrier, but did not have his licence on him and was on the way to a dump to drop off the waste. However, he was unable to give the name of the company employing him and had no documents to confirm his occupation.

The waste criminal was then later reported for operating without a waste carrier’s licence that resulted in his vehicle being seized by the Police.

Enforcement team leader for the Environment Agency, said: “People and companies who transport waste within Great Britain in the course of business, or with a view to profit, are required to have a waste carrier’s licence. This is to help ensure that waste is disposed of properly”.

“This case demonstrates how seriously we take waste crime. Our officers take robust enforcement action against those who deliberately ignore the law, to protect communities and the environment”.

The waste criminal was fined £720, ordered to pay costs of £3,709.23, and a victim surcharge of £72 for breaking environmental law.