ICF Council Election Success, Kirstin Leslie

Kerstin Leslie, one of Tilhill Forestry’s South-West Scotland Forest Managers, has successfully been elected, with an overwhelming majority, to the Institute of Chartered Foresters Council at the ICF’s AGM that took place during their recent annual conference.

The Institute of Chartered Forester’s is the UK’s Royal Chartered body for foresters and arboriculturists. They recently called on their members to help shape and drive forward the future of the Institute and their profession, at the start of their new three-year strategic plan.

Kerstin was one of 7 candidates. Her winning council manifesto said: “Confident, optimistic and exciting is how I would describe current times in Forestry. If our hopes as Foresters and Arboriculturists are realised, and our sector continues to grow, we need to meet the challenge of increasing the sector’s capacity. My motivation to stand for Council comes from my experiences of meeting talented people, from different backgrounds, young and old, who want to join our sector and who stand to benefit from the support of the Institute. Now, as the Institute is preparing a new Strategic Plan, is a great opportunity to help ensure these people are encouraged, supported and welcomed.”

Following her election Kerstin said: “I decided to stand for Council as I wanted to help drive forward the Institute’s work on developing new pathways to Chartered membership.  There’s a lot of potential to help new people coming into the industry. I was reassured that ICF members identified with my message and supported my election to Council. I am looking forward to working with the team and hope I can bring a fresh perspective.”

Shireen Chambers, Executive Director of the Institute of Chartered Foresters said: “We are delighted to have Kerstin on the Institute’s Council as it is important that young professionals feel they have a voice and a role in the governance of their professional body.

“Kerstin was one of two young members who were co-opted onto the Council last year and I am delighted that she was suitably motivated to stand for, and win, an election in her own right.

“We have just heard at our National Conference in Oxford how important it is to support our young professionals on their way to becoming future leaders. Hopefully, working with the Institute as part of its decision making body will give confidence and help encourage Kerstin in her career development.”

Tilhill’s Director of Forestry,Tim Liddon said:“Kerstin’s election to the ICF Council is very good news – she will, I am sure, add significant value as a younger member with good experience in the profession. She is a clear thinker working at the sharp end and is keen to raise standards in forestry.”

As well as involvement with Council business at a minimum of three meetings each year, each Councillor will also be appointed to one of the Institute’s committees or activity portfolios.