‘I Can Do Anything’, Heather Fraser visits Notre Dame High School

Assistant Forest Manager Heather Fraser from our Central Scotland office visited Notre Dame high school in Glasgow for the ‘ I can do anything! Inspirational women’s Event’.

Two school alumni took part and talked about their career journey. During the subsequent focus groups they spoke about their jobs and answered questions such as what qualifications are required for a career in forestry, who they consider to be an inspirational woman, the biggest mistake and best move they have made and what they believe to be the key skills in the industry and much much more.

Following Heather’s visit she said: “I had a lovely time chatting with the S1 pupils of Notre Dame High School in Glasgow. There were so many amazing women from different industries opening the eyes of the girls to the possibilities that are out there for them. The traditional ‘do well in school and go straight to university’ path isn’t right for everyone and there are so many other options now available to them too.

” I enjoyed being able to share my passion with the girls and explained that it took me a while but I eventually found the job I am really passionate about. I never would have dreamed of forest management at school nor was I shown all the careers that were possible. It really stood out to me (and I found it quite inspirational) how sharp the girls were at identifying technology as the way forward in the industry, already knowing that tablets are a useful tool in industry, something I only learned 6 months ago – I could then demonstrate how they can relate to to forestry. This was a great event for the girls and I hope they all achieve their goals in life!”