Help Shape Tree Health Policy

If you manage trees or woodlands in England a team of researchers want your views on a range of potential policies and interventions related to tree health which could be provided in future by Defra.

This is an important opportunity for practitioners in England to help shape future support from government. The research is directly feeding into the development of a Tree Health scheme, as part of government’s Agricultural Transition Plan published 30th November 2020.

The current survey has been developed as the main method to collect views, and follows on from other work exploring tree health issues with expert stakeholders right across England. Previously the team from Defra, Forest Research, Forestry Commission, Sylva Foundation, and the Countryside & Community Research Institute, held a series of workshops with landowners, managers and agents to help develop ideas to co-design the principles being tested in the survey.

The survey focusses on four ‘host’ species facing a grave risk from pests or pathogens: ash, larch, spruce, and sweet chestnut. Within each species, the researchers want respondents to indicate the blend of regulation, financial support, and advice that they believe would deliver the best outcomes. Participants are encouraged to choose any combination of tree species in their response.

The survey, hosted by Sylva Foundation, will remain open for two weeks until 1st March. Please take part here.