Safety & Bulletin May 2022

For today and tomorrow

During April, Tilhill proudly published its new Environment and Sustainable Business Policy. The policy acknowledges the impact our operations have, both negatively and positively.

In the forest industry we are privileged that our core activities have a positive impact and can contribute to addressing the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis. It is important though that we recognise how we can minimise the impact of our site operations and take action to address.

In the policy we have set clear metric targets against core areas of environmental impact:

  • Net zero CO2e from our fleet vehicles by 2025.
  • 25% CO2e reduction from our fleet vehicles by 2025.
  • Net zero CO2e from energy use in our offices by 2025.
  • Zero waste to landfill by 2030.

We have set targets across all the ghg (greenhouse gases) management hierachy. We need escalated action to address the climate emergency and are committed to reducing our ghg emissions alongside offsetting what we are unable to eliminate, if we are to make a real difference.

We recognise that we can make improve­ments across a whole range of issues. The policy has more detail of the breadth of issues we will be working on in the coming months and years. The policy is published on our website.

Environment and Sustainable Business Policy

Safety & Bulletin May 2022