FISA Safety Guide 806 – Welfare

The provision of suitable welfare for workers on site has been a legal requirement since 1992 and Tilhill first highlighted the need for the industry to start addressing this 18 months ago.

  • The new FISA Safety Guide 806 Welfare provides Landowner, Forest Works Managers and Contractors with guidance on how existing legislation should be complied with in the context of our industry and gives clear examples of types of welfare provision that are considered reasonably practicable on forestry sites.

This FISA guide has been written in conjunction with forestry safety professionals, the wider industry and HSE and has been released with requests for feedback to FISA. It represents a reasonable position that we the industry must deliver. The HSE position is that if we cannot even arrange suitable welfare how can we arrange operational work safely? We the industry – you and me – must take note.

Comments will be fed back to the Worksite Operations Working Group and the guide will be reviewed eighteen months after release. Having this review period will assist in getting the guide right for the industry; this is important as we need to encourage the industry to step forward and improve the approach to welfare provision on forestry sites.