FISA Launch Traction Assistance Guide

FISA has launched the new Traction Assistance Guide (FISA 505). Traction assistance winches started to appear on sites a number of years ago and had the potential to bring great safety advantages to sites.

  • As ever, the technology will run ahead of industry guidance and training, after all, guidance and training cannot be prepared for technology that doesn’t yet exist.

In October 2016 Tilhill hosted a day where two systems were demonstrated and a panel from HSE and machinery manufacturers considered the main questions regarding the safe use of traction assistance winches. This day helped to start the work of the FISA Working Group leading to this new guide for the industry.

The guide covers the main types of system, the main safety considerations, risk zone diagrams and the use of movement sensors. A key consideration is that the winch is an aid to traction and should not be used as a safety tether.