Farming and Trees Go Hand In Hand

A woodland could help you more easily diversify your farm business without the need for you to change your main farming activities. With the recent launch of the new England Woodland Creation Offer, there has never been so much funding available or so much to be gained from planting trees:

  • Capital grant payments designed to cover 100% of planting costs
  • Supplementary payments for public benefits provided by your scheme
  • Woodland generated carbon income
  • Increased amenity and overall value of your farm
  • Sheltering livestock
  • Income from the timber and fuel for your home
  • Enhance or create recreational and sporting activities
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement
  • Flood alleviation both on the farm and the locality

Trees can thrive on that area of your land that just won’t grow a decent crop or has never provided a reasonable bite

for livestock. This is the area that you can convert from lost leader to winner to bring in that extra bit of income and value.
Tilhill has been planning, creating, and planting woodlands on farms for years. We are in a unique position to help you secure carbon funding and planting grants and guide you through the process of planting trees on your farm. Our carbon-offsetting arm, CarbonStore, unites farmers with land suitable for tree planting with companies keen to help offset their carbon emissions.

It really is an exciting time to be a farmer with land that can support trees, there really is no better time to plant trees than today, and there really has been no better time to gain an income from tree planting on land that’s not currently realising its true potential.



Farmers can benefit from the woodland carbon market by growing a woodland. A win-win as the trees are planted for you, paid for by someone else, but you get to reap all the benefits including the timber income.

Trees can complement and enhance your livelihood, your farm, your family, and your next generation without altering your business.