Dealing with the Weevil

The Pine Weevil Hylobius abietis continues to be one of our most serious pests with regards to reforestation.

Pine weevils breed principally in the stumps and roots of felled conifer trees. The adults then access the young trees from the ground and cause damage by gnawing the stem bark and therefore killing the tree. Many adults can emerge from a single stump and associated root system, resulting in populations as high as 150,000 adults per ha. A heavy outbreak can destroy up to 80% of a commercial conifer crop.

One of the methods of controlling the Pine weevil is by using  the insecticide – acetamiprid Gazelle SG (MAPP 13725). This product is authorised for use in Forestry under the Extension of Authorisation Number 1068 of 2012. This authorisation details the specific application method and maximum concentration of the product, which must  be  followed, and you also must comply with any resistance guidance or restrictions as stated on the product label.

Extract from Extension of Authorisation Number: 1068 of 2012:

The product should be applied as a spray via spotgun or knapsack sprayer. The maximum spray concentration should be 9.25g product per litre of water (with each tree receiving 20 ml of the spray solution). One litre of solution containing 9.25g product will treat 50 trees.

The maximum application must not exceed 416.25g product per hectare (equivalent to 83.25g active per hectare).

Applications are to be made between March and October limited to 2 applications with an interval of at least two months between applications.


  • You should aim for only 2 applications of Gazelle SG, one in Spring and the other in Autumn, directly to the stem of the Gazelle SG is rain fast within 6 hours
  • You must have a copy of the  label, COSHH  Assessment(s) for Mixing and Method of Application together with the Extension of Authorisation for Forestry available at the worksite