February 2021

Covid Update

In the January Bulletin we highlighted the additional restrictions brought in at the start of the month across all three nations. These restrictions remain in place, including working from home where at all possible.

  • On site we must continue to ensure that all required Covid control measures are fully implemented, the new strain is much easier to pass onto each other.

With schools closed and home-schooling taking place, those working from home are likely to be feeling the pressure of trying to balance work and family life. It can be difficult when you have a deadline, or an online meeting and you are being called to attend to family matters. We are all in the same boat and need to show understanding to each other, and importantly to ourselves. If you need to leave a call to sort a family issue, then excuse yourself and attend to it. If you are having practical difficulties, please speak with your line manager. Tilhill staff also has our team of Mental Health First Aiders for support if you are struggling. They will be able to help point you in the direction of further help.

During January we published updated guides for Office and Worksite controls. These were updated to reflect the changes highlighted in last month’s Bulletin to the self-isolation period and the re-instigation of shielding.