Covid Symptoms

As this Bulletin is being written governments across the UK have again started to tighten restrictions, as case numbers of Covid 19 rise again, in a bid to gain control before the annual respiratory disease season starts in earnest.

  • Every year we hear of the ‘Winter Pressure’ in the Now, with Covid on top of the normal winter case load, our health services could be stretched to breaking. It is therefore important that we all follow the guidelines whether at home or at work.

We have had both Contractors and Employees test positive for Covid in the past month. Whilst the infection was picked up outside of work, it is a sharp reminder that we must ensure Covid controls are kept up on site and in offices. Site logs have been essential in tracking potential contacts in the days before they reported having the symptoms.

We are fortunate that we can maintain good social distance whilst at work on most Forestry sites. However, I was surprised to read in the recent FISA bulletin of some people with symptoms, and even a positive test, that had gone to work believing they can self-isolate on site. If you have Covid symptoms and/or a positive test result you must not come to site or an office.

It is important as colds and flu start to circulate around the population more widely that we are able to spot what type of illness we have. The graphic on the right is a very useful guide to the different symptoms and which illnesses they relate to most commonly.

Having looked at this, if you think you have Covid 19 then you should self isolate, tell your employer, and try to book a test.