Covid Complacent?

Hands up if you are becoming a little tired of living with Covid 19?

The ever-changing restrictions, tiered systems in England and Scotland being introduced, a Firebreak in Wales with new rules to follow afterwards and now a month long lockdown in England. Working from home wherever possible is a requirement in each Country, and for those that can’t work from home in Scotland face coverings have now been extended to communal areas of offices.

Having lived with Covid restrictions for 7 months have you become a little tired of them and perhaps a little complacent? It is certainly noticeable that fewer people are respecting the 2m distance rule when out in public areas.

We are fortunate that our work naturally lends itself to social distancing, whether keeping a distance of 2 tree lengths apart, working in a machine cab or planting 2 metres apart. Recent Covid Inspections of sites have shown that Covid Controls were mostly in place due to the nature of our work, rather than a planned and conscious effort to implement them.

We must ensure that we remain Covid aware at all times. Rates of infections are on the rise. We have had a number of cases of Covid infections among contractors and staff, all of which have been traced to social exposures. Following confirmation of a case we track the person’s movements to establish who else working for Tilhill may have been a contact. We then agree appropriate measures, working on a precautionary basis.

To ensure you have not become Covid Complacent ask yourself these questions:

  • When going into an office have you really tested if that work could be done from home?
  • Are you keeping 2m distance from everyone on site?
  • If you share a machine cab are you cleaning the controls between uses?
  • Are you cleaning your workplace high contact points on a regular basis?
  • Is there fully functioning welfare on site where you can wash your hands properly?
  • Is your name on the Site Register?