Covid-19 Update

Lockdown continues across the nations as I write, but discussions are beginning to take place in the Governments about the timetable for easing current restrictions.

  • All seem agreed this will be led by schools reopening in various degrees. This will bring some relief to those having to balance home working and home schooling.
    Rates of infection have reduced since the start of the year and the vaccination programme seems to be making good progress. Lighter days and better weather are around the corner. This will further help infection rates, but with uncertainty about variants and continuing high hospital occupancy rates we mustn’t let our guard down. 

Office attendance remains on a strict ‘essential needs’ only basis. Whether on site or in an office it is essential all Covid Controls are in place and followed. Don’t forget the basics of handwashing on a regular basis and attendance logs are a critical tool in helping track any potential contacts for a positive test result.