May 2021


Infection rates across England, Scotland and Wales have continued to fall, with the governments reducing restrictions as they go.

  • The vaccination programme continues at pace with many of the most vulnerable now having had both doses. This is good news for everybody, as we can get back to enjoying some of the pleasures that have been denied over the winter.

As rates continue to fall and restrictions ease, we must maintain the Covid-19 controls that we have implemented on sites, and review our Office Covid-19 risk assessments and controls, reminding all staff what is required of them as and when they are in an office. We are not yet at a point where a full return to the office is on the horizon, but we must be prepared for those that need to use an office now, and for when we can return more fully.

To further help keep infection rates low each government are now making home Lateral Flow Covid tests freely available.

In England and Scotland these are available to all, and in Wales if you can’t work from home. We’d encourage you to take advantage of these test, 1 in 3 people that have Covid don’t display any symptoms.