Cautious Covid Progress Continues

As the UK finds its way through the Covid Pandemic, the relaxing of Lockdown measures has continued with caution.

  • As many aspects of life have been un-locked, but with conditions and controls attached, infection rates have slowly begun to This has caused some aspects of the relaxations to be paused and some areas having local restrictions imposed. With each devolved government having their own measures and timetable it can be hard to keep on top of what we are and what we are not allowed to do.

Through the course of this pandemic we have provided clear and straightforward advice on how to keep the site, our staff and contractors safe whilst at work. With rates slowly rising and winter on the horizon it is as important as ever that we all follow the guidelines we have set out through the risk assessments for both our Work Sites and Offices. Don’t let your guard down, this pandemic has much longer to run and we must all be vigilant to the risk of transmission.

Whichever country you are in, and whatever your local rules, the virus follows two transmission routes: through the air and physical contact. Always keep this in mind and consider your proximity to others and regular hand washing/sanitising. The more people you are in contact with the higher the risk. This is why face coverings are required in indoor public places, but not offices. In an office you will be with the same group of people, have enhanced cleaning regimes, hygiene protocols and be socially distanced or have screens to divide desks.

For our Worksites we have developed a checklist that we will be using to check that all appropriate Covid Controls are in place, understood by all on site and are being followed.