Jan 22 bulletin

Call to Action

Here are some of the main highlights from our 2022 Safety & Assurance Action Plan.

Pathway to Competence

Just as it is important to engage competent contractors in the work we do, it is also critical that our own employees are fully competent in the roles we ask them to fulfil. Tilhill has long had a Competence Matrix for our staff roles. Building on work completed in 2021 we will continue to develop this into a career pathway from recruitment to retirement. This will meet the forthcoming FISA Guide to FWM competence.

Just Culture

One thing we have learned through many incident investigations is that when looking back on an incident people have often done something, that in hindsight, seems surprising. In a ‘Just Culture’ it is important that the reasons and motivation for that surprising action are investigated and understood. The difference to a ‘No Blame Culture’ is that wilful acts can have disciplinary consequences. True wilful acts are rare and most human failings are either Errors or Violations that are motivated by a desire to carry out the job despite the prevailing constraints, goals and expectations. This has been a guiding principle in our investigations for many years, and we will formalise this approach.

Jan 22 bulletin

Above: Diagram Taken from HSE book, HSG48 Reducing Error and Influencing Behaviour.

Site Monitoring

Site monitoring is a critical step in ensuring we achieve the end product without harming any person or causing pollution of our environment. During 2022 we will be reviewing our current practices to ensure that we make the most of our time and engage with our contractors and other stakeholders in the most meaningful ways.

Plant Your Feet

Jan 22 Bulletin

This is our developing campaign to reduce the number of serious injuries caused by slips, trips and falls on site. We can’t set out to prevent every slip, trip or fall on site, but we will explore ways in which we can reduce the number of serious injuries. Previous injuries have included a fractured knee cap and a fractured shoulder socket joint.

Support FISA Chainsaw Work

We will fully support the FISA Chainsaw Working Group as they devise ways to improve safety for chainsaw operators. This is a difficult task and will require plenty of time and effort from many of us in the industry. We must come together as an industry to help solve these issues.

Contractor Portal Videos

Following the success of our online Diffuse Pollution Training we aim to create further online training videos for other environmental and sustainability issues.

Plastics in Forestry

Jan 22 Bulletin

Above: Cardboard Tree Guard

Jan 22 Bulletin

Above: Chestnut Tree Guard










As a founder member of our industry’s Forest Plastics Working Group we will continue to seek ways to remove plastic from our operations. Alternatives must be considered in the round so we don’t cause any additional unforeseen consequences into the future.