CarbonStore Webinar

Join CarbonStore for an informative webinar to discuss the Woodland Carbon Code and the opportunities it offers farmers and landowners. Our expert team will outline the options when designing a woodland, the steps (and costs) involved to generate carbon credits and the total income from timber, grant funding and carbon which is achievable by planting trees on your land. CarbonStore aims to help farmers and landowners make the right choices for their land.

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Thursday 9th May 4pm-5pm via Zoom


David McCulloch is the Head of CarbonStore and will explain the choices you face when designing the optimal woodland. He will outline emerging trends in the market for carbon credits and help you maximise their value, and the options for securing timber income alongside carbon income Finally, he will detail the steps involved and the income achievable through woodland creation.

Alex MacKinnon is CarbonStore’s Carbon Project Manager. Highly experienced with the Woodland Carbon Code’s technicalities, Alex will outline the steps you must follow to generate high integrity and increasingly valuable carbon credits. He will explain the various costs associated with the Woodland Carbon Code, the rules you will need to abide by and the responsibilities you take on when selling carbon credits.

Chaired by Tilhill’s Business Development Director and Chartered Forester, Stuart Pearson, the webinar will also include a Q&A session for viewers to ask questions to our panel of experts live.


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