New Conifer and Broadleaf Planting

After a word of mouth recommendation, Tilhill was delighted to be introduced to a private woodland investor who initially wanted advice regarding a small block of Norway spruce that needed thinning.

This project helped to:

An opportunity for new planting

The client also expressed an interest in planting part of his nearby land that was no longer used for grazing. After initial advice about the grants available and silvicultural techniques the client decided to go ahead with planting 3 hectares of the property with a mix of native broadleaves and conifers.

As the owner lived close to his land they were interested in getting involved in the day to day management of the woodland, seeing the trees grow through the seasons and also the resultant biodiversity and environmental benefits of woodland planting.

The planting plan and all grant submissions were organised by Tilhill to minimise the cost to the client and promote the best establishment practices. Tilhill advised on the most appropriate species to plant, the majority being Oak due to the clay-based soils in the locality. This was complimented by flowering species such as cherry to create an attractive edge to the woodland.

Tilhill’s professional planting teams carried out the planting and tree protection to a high standard. Success rates on the property are exceptionally high with most of the trees having now come through their first growing season and showing excellent rates of growth.

The client has enjoyed the process to such a degree that they are considering the purchase of other areas of poor quality farmland in the locality with a view to planting trees on them too.

Hogs Hill Case Study

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