Woodland for Water

Woodland for Water (throughout Yorkshire and the North East only)

Tilhill Forestry are agents for the Woodland for Water project by the Environment Agency and Forestry Commission England. Operating throughout Yorkshire and the North East of England until March 2020, Tilhill Forestry’s regional team of managers are providing landowners with expert advice and assistance in preparing high quality, environmentally compliant woodland creation applications under Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Grant which will specifically help to improve water quality and reduce flood risk in key areas.

Our free advisory service helps landowners to:

  • Qualify for the scheme and receive up to £6,800 per hectare for woodland creation.
  • Receive additional income of £200 per hectare for 10 years to maintain the young woodland.
  • Maximise grants and minimise costs.
  • Forecast income and expenditure.
  • Design and map their woodland incorporating open space and access tracks.
  • Select tree species appropriate for their land and objectives.
  • Claim for capital items including gates and fencing.
  • Plant, protect and maintain your woodland.
  • Prepare all the paperwork and claim your grants.

The requirements, capital items and rates of payment of the Woodland for Water scheme are the same as CS Woodland Creation Grant, however the Forestry Commission and Environment Agency have set aside funding to pay appointed agents a grant payment or ‘finder’s fee’ for working up appropriate schemes (at least partially) within the Woodland for Water spatial target areas, these being High Priority Area for Woodland for Flood Risk; High Priority Areas for Woodland for Water Quality or EA/FC Priority Sub-Catchments).

For FREE advice Contact Simon Marrington at our North & Central England Office or leave us a message via the contact form below: