Quality Contractors – Edward Jones Contractors Ltd

The Quality Contractor theme continues, featuring Edward Jones from Wales.

Edward Jones lives in the village of Carno in Mid Wales where he runs Edward Jones Contractors Limited, a Tilhill Forestry quality contractor highly recommended by our Wales team.

Edward always had an interest in machinery growing up within his family business. This led him to attend CITB Collage in Kings Lynn, Norfolk to gain his plant machinery certificates.

He has been running his own company now for two years. As a company Edward Jones engage in a variety of jobs consisting of mainly ground preparation and road maintenance. Contractually, they clear the existing roads to allow access for the harvest operation through to the ground preparation ready for planting.

As the work has increased the company has expanded and they now have three employees.

Edward said: “I thoroughly enjoy my job working in the forestry sector as each week varies and each site is different which makes the job so enjoyable. I previously worked for Tilhill Forestry before I started my company and have continued to work with them. Tilhill Forestry are great to work for and have really helped me develop my business.”

Edward Jones Contractors currently work in mid and north Wales. One of the jobs they have just completed is a project consisting of 35 ha of hinge mounding and trench mounding in the wetter areas and new V ditches where they were needed in order to improve the ground.

Edward’s favourite job is the emergency road repairs during harvesting operations. He said: “You do not know what to expect until you get out to site. This could be just a scrape of the existing road to a full forest road upgrade. As the excavators do the majority of the work, the JCB 3CX is still out on a daily basis.”

Tilhill Forestry Harvesting Manager, Dafydd Lewis said: “Edward Jones does an exceptional job, always!”