Our People – Good Relationships

Meet Dafydd Lewis, Tilhill Forestry’s Harvesting Manager…

What do you do? Tell us about your typical day? 

I am the Harvesting Manager for mid Wales and responsible for the purchasing of standing timber and marketing for all the roundwood produced from it.

My typical day varies, from meeting land owners and walking parcels of timber to meeting my customers to discuss the on going supply of volume to them. Other days can consist of site visits and meeting my contractors to discuss any issues they may be facing on site. No two days are ever the same in a week.

How did you get into harvesting? 

I started my career in harvesting when I was seventeen. I began working for a local estate and gained experience in felling and tree surgery, as well as operating the skidders and tree harvester.

What do you like most about working in the forestry/harvesting industry?

I enjoy working in the forestry and harvesting industry as it is predominantly outdoor work involving big machinery and my role can vary so much with the challenges involved.

Why did you decide to work for Tilhill Forestry? 

I decided to work for Tilhill Forestry in my final year of University following a talk given by a key member of the Harvesting team and hearing what Tilhill Forestry offered in the way of a graduate scheme. Now I am here, I like contributing and working within a team.

What sorts of changes are occurring in your occupation? 

We are currently seeing changes in our occupation due to unstable market conditions being driven by various different factors.

How does a person progress in your field? 

In order to progress in the harvesting industry you must maintain good relationships with your suppliers, customers and contractors and, of course, enjoy a challenge.

What is your advice to anyone wishing to pursue harvesting as a career?

My advice for anyone wishing to pursue a career in harvesting currently would be to gain an element of practical experience first.