Our People – Discovering a new Industry

Meet Leanne Harvey, Tilhill Forestry’s Supply Chain Controller in Southampton.

What do you do? Tell us about your typical day?
I am responsible for the supply of saw logs into BSW Southampton and BSW Newbridge.

I am based at BSW Southampton and  my typical day involves monitoring both mills log stocks and chasing suppliers and hauliers to meet the demand of our customer to ensure we have the correct volumes of the specific lengths and species that they need to cut.

I create weekly quotas for Tilhill’s harvesting managers and third-party suppliers and, I help manage their timber movements day-to-day to ensure we are as efficient and cost effective as possible with our haulage.

How did you get into harvesting?
By accident!

Coming from a transport background, I was looking for a new challenge and discovered Tilhill Forestry. I have been in the business now for almost a year and have settled in well amongst the harvesting southern team. If I am honest, I wasn’t aware that the industry existed before I joined (which is highly embarrassing), however I have very much enjoyed the experience so far!

What do you like most about working in the forestry/harvesting industry?
I enjoy the people that I deal with. There is a real variety of characters involved in my day to day role from Tilhill colleagues, to hauliers and contractors. No two days get to be the same which keeps it interesting.

It’s fun that despite everyone being based so far apart across the UK that strong relationships are built amongst colleagues.

Why did you decide to work for Tilhill Forestry?
I decided to work for Tilhill mainly for a challenge in a completely new direction. I wanted to apply myself, learn about something new, and have a different conversation after working in the waste industry for the previous six and a half years.

What sorts of changes are occurring in your occupation?
The timber market itself has slowed at the moment which does have a knock on effect to the supply of raw material. Sales of the sawn products are significantly lower than usual, which could be being influenced currently by the uncertainty of Brexit. Hopefully the situation will improve again soon.