Forest Science- Q&A with Tilhill’s Business Development Director Peter Whitfield

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We caught up with Peter Whitfield our Business Development Director to find out what committees he is part of and what expertise he brings to their table.

Q. Explain what forest industry related panels/committees you give your time to.

A. I am a member of the following: The Forestry Commission’s Expert Committee on Forest Science, Institute of Chartered Foresters, Professional and Educational Standards Committee and Confor’s Technical and Compliance Group.

Q. What is your involvement with the Forestry Commission Expert Committee and how long have you been a member.

A. I have been a member since 2013 and I bring in an operational view from the private sector perspective.  

Q. What improvements or changes have been made on the FC Expert Committee since joining in 2013

A. The committee has been involved with a review of Forest Research in 2017 and reported to the Forestry Commissioners. I have seen a change in the understanding of the importance of the private sector stakeholder engagement during my time on the Committee.

Q. Why do you consider it important to give your time to these panels?

A. These committees depend on voluntary participation and it is very important that the private sector has a voice and contributes positively to supporting and influencing where we can. I feel it is important for me to give back to the industry after many years of working in it in various roles both in the UK and abroad.

Q. What benefit do you consider your contribution to these external bodies brings to a) Tilhill Forestry and b) our customers?

On most of these committees one acts in one’s own professional capacity and not as a representative of a company. However I can bring the private sector perspective and use my pragmatic approach and years of experience to bring balance to debate and influence direction in a positive way to the industry’s advantage. Membership of such committees and groups is important in demonstrating how we can influence and be involved in decision making in important areas of the industry.

Plus I am able to continue to learn a great deal about forest research in order to develop and return my knowledge back into the company.

Q. Explain the importance Tilhill Forestry places on having ICF qualified staff and the support the company gives to people like yourself to enable them to sit on external panels.

Full professional membership of the ICF demonstrates a level of attainment and competence that is measured independently and lends significant value to the business and our clients and customers. As the company sees real value in ICF membership it is prepared to support staff in attaining this qualification, allowing staff to participate in volunteering for various roles with the Institute and paying for the membership subscription. Membership also brings recognition and status that allows staff to represent the company and the sector in other important roles such as membership of key industry committees and groups.

For more information on the Institute of Chartered Foresters visit their website here