Woodlands and Farming

More and more farmers are realising the benefits of planting trees. Farmers are therefore taking a more integrated approach to land management, allowing them to maximise the full potential of their property.

Woodland creation has the potential to bring less productive land back into use whilst increasing the value of your farming asset and rationalising farm units for you and your future generations.

In Scotland, grants are available through the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) in order to promote woodland creation with strong Scottish Government support to secure future home-grown timber supplies.

Woodland can benefit your farm by:

  • Increasing the capital land value.
  • Providing shelter for livestock.
  • Sheltering fields for better grazing.
  • Helping defer the need for winter housing.
  • Providing shelter for crops.
  • Preventing soil erosion and flooding.
  • Stabilising river banks.
  • Providing timber products such as fencing, gates, wood chip bedding and fuel.
  • Enhancing the property‚Äôs amenity value.

Tilhill has worked on many woodland creations schemes to enhance farmland and provide a significant increase in value for the farm owner.

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