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25 April 2019

Confor's #TheFutureIsForestry prize will be launched in June

Confor's expanded #TheFutureIsForestry prize will be launched in June - with an added competition for film-makers. The prize invites students and young professionals to create a short film or write an essay on the future of the industry - with £500 for the best essay and the best video. The subject for...


Follow the Forester is here! We followed Hugh Davies, South East England Forest Manager during a site visit and harvesting check. #FollowTheForester Watch the short video below:...


24 April 2019

The UK Loggers Competition

Tilhill Forestry are proud to have supported the UK Loggers (UKL) competition and training day hosted by Coleg Cambria Llysfasi. 11 students took part in the competition and were involved in challenges including tree felling, combined cuts, fitting a new chain, precision cuts and more. The event was well attended by current...


23 April 2019

New faces to advise forestry agencies in the future

Six new non-executive advisers have been appointed to strengthen the work of the new agencies, Scottish Forestry and Forestry and Land Scotland, which were established on 1st April this year. The advisers have been chosen for their specific experience and expertise in a range of corporate skills to add to the...


12 April 2019

Greening up Scottish coalfield sites will revitalise communities

A long-term project to breathe new life into former coal mining sites in the central belt of Scotland will see up to five million trees being planted, opening up new green places and revitalising communities. The transformation of the sites will be led by new Scottish Government agency Forestry and Land...


10 April 2019

‘Think Global, Plant Local’ to tackle climate change

The UK Government has been urged to ‘Think Global, Plant Local’ to start tackling the damaging effects of climate change. Independent advisers have told the Government that planting trees and building with wood is a “simple, low-cost option” to remove large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere - a message also...