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25 July 2019

Help solve the problem of Scotland's wasted tree seeds

Meeting the challenges of growing more young trees from seed will significantly strengthen Scotland’s contribution to tackling the climate emergency. That’s the premise behind a new Scottish Government ‘Innovation Challenge’ offering research and development funding for ideas to improve the yield from Scotland’s existing seed stock. Forestry and Land Scotland has set...


Peter Whitfield, Tilhill Forestry Business Development Director is attending the Forestry Expo today capturing the impressive Tigercat clambunk skidder and a John Deere harvester. He says "There are more machines in a couple of hectares than has ever been witnessed before."...


18 July 2019

Global Resource Initiative taskforce: greening the UK’s environmental footprint

A taskforce of leaders from business and environmental organisations meets for the first time to consider actions the UK can take to green its international supply chains and leave a lighter footprint on the global environment. Representatives from leading businesses and environmental groups come together on 18th July to consider how...


08 July 2019

The BEAM Pavilion at Glastonbury

BSW Timber were very proud to be part of this year’s Glastonbury festival through their sponsorship of the BEAM installation in the Greenpeace Field. This year the Greenpeace Field at Glastonbury festival presented a 30m diameter woodland dome pavilion made from over 7000 locally sourced and unprocessed Sitka Spruce posts. BEAM...


01 July 2019

Horticulture industry urged to check for Oak Processionary Moth

Landscapers, nurseries, landowners and woodland managers are being urged to take action after the Plant Health Service intercepted a number of cases of Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars (OPM) on trees imported from the Netherlands.   Anyone who has planted larger oaks (defined below) imported from the continent should urgently check...


14 June 2019

Tilhill Forestry sponsors Confor’s #TheFutureisForestry Essay & Video Prize Competition

Forestry students and young professionals have been urged to shape the future of the profession - and the planet - by entering Confor’s essay and video prize 2019 sponsored by Tilhill Forestry, BSW Timber and Forestry Commission. The launch of #TheFutureIsForestry competition at Westminster was attended by students from the National...