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11 January 2021

2021 Tree Oscars to reward Climate Change Champion

A new Climate Change Champion prize has been added to Scotland’s Finest Woods Awards as the 'Tree Oscars' return in 2021. The award recognises the enormous contribution that forests and woodlands are making to the fight against climate change - which will be highlighted at the COP26 global environmental summit in...


04 January 2021

Forestry Jobs Summit a “catalyst for job opportunities” says Ewing

The forestry sector is leading the way in helping employers secure public funding to recruit more young people into the industry. Under a new Growing Rural Talent initiative, forestry companies are being encouraged to take on new young staff through generous subsidies. The initiative and other support for prospective employers were highlighted...


03 December 2020

Tree Oscars Return in 2021

Scotland's 'Tree Oscars' will return in 2021 to reward the passionate people who create and manage the country's finest forests and woodlands The coronavirus pandemic sadly led to the cancellation of Scotland's Finest Woods Awards for 2020, but the programme will resume in 2021 - subject to all health and...


01 October 2020

Released: Report of the British Woodlands Survey 2020

An independent report released today highlights that those who care for woodlands and forests across Britain are increasingly aware of the threats from environmental change, especially drought, wildfires, and pathogens, such as ash dieback and acute oak decline, yet there’s little evidence of action being taken overall to improve woodland...


23 September 2020

Climate Change Adaptation of Forests, Woods and Trees in England (online workshops announced)

Online Workshops – 7th, 16th, 21st and 28th October 2020   Featuring in-depth content developed and presented by expert members of the Forestry Climate Change Working Group (FCCWG), this informative series of events will provide attendees with a comprehensive overview of the principles for adapting trees and woodlands to climate change, information...


21 August 2020

Land managers offered guaranteed income for tree planting after third auction of Woodland Carbon Guarantee is announced

Are you a farmer or a landowner interested in the woodland carbon market? Tilhill’s Woodland Carbon Code project managers are ideally placed to advise you. Please call David McCulloch (07500-950-832) or Andy Baker (07775-920-956) if you need any further information. Land managers offered guaranteed income for tree planting after third auction...


16 July 2020

New Civ Tech challenge from FLS - better forest measurement

Forestry and Land Scotland has launched an exciting funding opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and innovators - to come up with ways to better analyse and measure forest trees. A better understanding of the properties and quality of the timber in different areas of forest will improve the efficiency of harvesting operations. As well...


13 July 2020

Forest Research wins funding for collaborative research into oak tree health

A pioneering new project to investigate the health of our British oak trees has been given the go-ahead thanks to almost £2 million investment from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), Natural Environment Research Council, Defra and Scottish Government.   The project, named ‘BAC-STOP’ (Bacteria: Advancement of Control and Knowledge...


19 June 2020

Consultation launched on the England Tree Strategy

Government consults on plans to update its policy for trees, woodland and forestry through creation of a new England Tree Strategy.   Consultation to run for 12 weeks, seeking views on how to increase tree planting and tree and woodland management.   Trees are a unique natural asset that play a crucial role in...


17 June 2020

Views sought on the National Forest Inventory

A survey to support an independent review of the National Forest Inventory (NFI) has been launched today, Wednesday 17 June 2020. The survey calls on landowners, forestry and woodland professionals, and others with an interest to contribute their views on what information the future NFI produces. The independent review, commissioned by Forest...


16 June 2020

Scots tree planting "punching well above its weight" says Ewing

New figures published show that despite the COVID-19 challenges, Scotland delivered over 80 per cent of all new tree planting in the UK. In total, 10,860 hectares of new woodland were planted, the second highest level since 2001. That means that nearly 22 million more trees were planted in Scotland last...


08 June 2020

Solution to tree seed problem shows true worth in face of COVID-19 crisis.

An innovative prototype system for automating tree seed planting and propagation has been hailed as a saviour for Scotland’s tree planting programme impacted by COVID-19. The new system emerged as a response to an open competition - run by the Scottish Government’s CivTech programme in 2019 on behalf of Forestry and...


02 June 2020

Public urged to report sightings of tree pest Oak Processionary Moth

As Oak Processionary Moth season begins, the Forestry Commission reminds people to be aware of the pest and report sightings The public is being urged to report sightings of the tree pest Oak Processionary Moth (OPM) caterpillars. Oak Processionary Moth was first identified in London in 2006 and has since spread to some surrounding...


02 June 2020

£7 million for timber transport project

Projects to help improve Scotland’s timber transport network have been awarded £7 million from the Scottish Government. Forestry is included under Phase 1 of the Scottish Government’s COVID-19 Route Map, which allows outdoor work such as forestry to fully restart its operations. The awards are drawn from the Strategic Timber Transport Fund...


22 May 2020

Woodland management sees red squirrels move in

The regular return of red squirrels to a local Fife woodland after an absence of many years is being taken as nature’s ‘thumbs up’ for Forestry and Land Scotland’s (FLS) management of the woodland. The squirrel sighting - reported by a local resident who had thought to never see red squirrels back in the area in his...


30 April 2020

New business support from FLS to keep essential timber supplies flowing

Rural Economy Secretary, Fergus Ewing, has commended Forestry and Land Scotland’s move to help suppliers weather the COVID-19 lockdown and ensure that essential timber supplies will continue to support frontline healthcare workers. Working in the spirit of Scottish Government’s supplier relief policies, FLS’s procurement, civil engineering and local teams have developed...


24 April 2020

British Woodlands Survey 2020 Launches

The British Woodlands Survey 2020 (BWS2020) has been launched and remains open until the end June. In this new survey, researchers want to understand awareness, action and aspiration among Britain’s forestry community to environmental change.  BWS2020 comes five years after the ground-breaking British Woodlands Survey of 2015 which explored the same...


14 April 2020

£10m to boost tree planting in second auction of Woodland Carbon Guarantee

£10m to boost tree planting in second auction of Woodland Carbon Guarantee     £10m available from the Woodland Carbon Guarantee’s £50m pot for farmers and land managers to create new woodlands to help tackle the effects of climate change. Applicants must apply by 5 June to qualify for the next auction starting on...


26 March 2020

Guidance Summary Page: Government and Confor Information

2 April 2020 Tilhill is constantly monitoring the information coming from Government through their daily updates and gathering as much relevent information as possible on this page. This is in order to provide everyone with an up to date one-stop-shop summary each day. We are also utilising the information provided by...


20 March 2020

Glastir Woodland Restoration Fund is Opening

Glastir Woodland Restoration Glastir Woodland Restoration Expression of Interest Window is Open until 24th of April 2020 The Glastir Woodland Restoration Scheme provides restocking grants for woodlands infected by Phytophthora ramorum and stands of larch to be replanted to help slow down the spread of the disease. When a woodland is clear-felled,...