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22 October 2018

The 20th Annual Forest Market Report 2018

Tilhill Forestry announce the launch of their 20th Annual Forest Market Report at the 2018 UK Forestry Review event. The UK Forestry Review will take place in two locations over 2 days in London and Edinburgh in November. The event is an annual snapshot of the UK commercial forestry investment market, including a review...


This mushroom Amanita muscaria commonly known as fly agaric or fly amanita has a symbiotic relationship with many broadleaved and coniferous trees. Although common in the woods at this time of year and stunning to look at, it is classified as poisonous as indicated by its bright colours. - Alex...


15 October 2018

New apprenticeship scheme to train forestry machine operators

New apprenticeship scheme to train forestry machine operators Young people looking to pursue an exciting and challenging career in forestry are being invited to apply for a new apprenticeships scheme based in south Scotland. The scheme, driven by the Scottish Forest and Timber Technologies Industry Leadership Group (STTILG), aims to train young...


04 October 2018

Scottish Government Fund Alleviates Pressures From Timber Lorries

Over £7 million of Scottish Government funding is set to increase the levels of community, social and environmental benefit gained from projects that minimise the impact of timber lorries on Scotland’s rural road network. The 2018 Strategic Timber Transport Fund (STTF), managed by Forestry Commission Scotland, has awarded over £7 million...


28 September 2018

Forestry Statistics 2018

The latest National Statistics on forestry produced by the Forestry Commission were released on 27 September 2018 according to the arrangements approved by the UK Statistics Authority.      Detailed statistics are published in the web publication Forestry Statistics 2018, with an extract in Forestry Facts & Figures 2018. They include UK statistics...