South Western Railway (SWR) engaged Tilhill’s services to assist with their plan to improve the biodiversity and community enjoyment of a disused portion of their train freight marshalling yard at Feltham, London. 

Find out more about the project below.

Feltham SWR Woodland FAQ's

What is the Feltham project?

The Feltham Marshalling Yards were built at the end of the First World War in 1916-18. In 1969 the yards closed due to loss of train freight to road transport. SWR worked with Tilhill to bring the land back into use,  improve the woodland and acid grassland for biodiversity and to allow access to the local community. 

When will it open?

Following improvement works the site is set to open to the public in August 2023

What wildlife is on site?

The site features reptiles which utilise the historic concrete remains for basking. The site features bird boxes and attracts as many as 25 species of bird including blue tits, robins and wrens to name a few.  

The woodlands and grasslands attract a wide variety of invertebrates.  

6 species of bats are also making use of the site. 

Visit our case study page for a full list of wildlife. 

What work is taking place on the site?

Tilhill carried out tree planting works and plans to ‘beat up’ (replace any dead trees) during planting season November-March. 

Where can I access the site?

Maps of the site entrance will be uploaded shortly.