Sonia Winder

Sonia Winder, Forest Manager

Sonia has worked in the forestry industry since leaving Wye College with a BSc in Rural Environmental Studies followed by Bangor University with an MSc in Environmental Forestry.

She joined Tilhill in 1996, and is a Chartered Forester and Chartered Environmentalist and currently serves on the ICF Council.

Sonia manages 800 hectares of mixed woodland in South Wales, specialising in small sized mixed objective woodlands.

She has also been involved in the creation of new woodlands and enjoys being involved in a variety of contracting work for private and public sector clients.

This has included everything from arb work to tree safety surveys on veteran trees, planting colliery spoil tips with new woodlands, to timber harvesting.

She loves the variety of the job and the continuity of trees – thinning trees which she remembers being planted is particularly satisfying.