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Jenny Bjars MICFor

Jenny Bjars MSc Forestry, Forest Manager MICFor

Jenny joined Tilhill’s graduate scheme in 2013 as an Assistant Forest Manager before being promoted to Forest Manager. In her role as a Forest Manager, she is currently managing a woodland portfolio of commercial conifer and broadleaf plantations and native broadleaf woodlands managed for recreation, conservation, and habitat restoration. Woodlands are diverse in species, habitats, and the way they are managed for different client objectives. Jenny is also in charge of a contract of 165 hectares of small community woodlands most with public access and active public involvement. Jenny enjoys using technology such as GIS mapping as a management tool and carrying out inventories and putting together longer-term management plans.

Before joining Tilhill, Jenny has worked in a product development project creating a participatory forest management planning tool for government owned woodlands in Finland. She has been a part of a research team studying efficiency analysis comparing planned and actual forest management activities at the University of Helsinki and worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Finland. Jenny has a master’s degree in Forest Resource Management and Economics, and she is a Professional Member of the Institute of Chartered Foresters.