Harry Cooling

Harry Cooling, Assistant Forest Manager (Graduate)

Harry is already supporting the Forest Managers with day-to-day monitoring and supervision of a whole range of operations on our sites, from diverse restock planting to expansive harvesting operations.

Harry is gaining a thorough understanding of how the forestry industry operates as well as developing his silvicultural knowledge. With his educational background in other topics, expanding his understanding of the trees themselves in something he is very keen to do.

As Harry progresses further along the Tilhill Graduate scheme he will continue his development in every aspect of forestry and is excited to begin managing some of his own forests. Harry has also expressed a desire to become involved in Woodland Creation schemes, the idea of helping to create more Forests and Woodlands in the UK is something he is very enthusiastic about.

Harry is also aspiring towards gaining membership of the Institute of Chartered Foresters and is currently enjoying the online sessions that the institute is offering.