Harry Stevens

Managing Director & Timber Buying Director

Harry Stevens, Managing Director & Timber Buying Director, Tilhill

Having left school at the age of 18 Harry worked in Agriculture for a year and then started with the Forestry Commission at the age of 19 in the New Forest, working in Forest Surveys, forest management and then timber harvesting.

After three years Harry attended Newton Rigg and studied forestry at Diploma level. As part of the course Harry undertook a middle year at Buccleuch estates at Bowhill and was involved in all aspects of estate forestry, particularly enjoying management of continuous cover silvicultural systems.

On leaving college Harry worked for Tilhill followed by several posts with the timber production side of the sector. Harry joined BSW in 2005.

Over his career Harry has been involved in forest operations from the south of England to the north of Scotland.

Upon the acquisition of Tilhill, Harry became a member of the Board as Timber Buying Director concentrating on timber purchasing. In August 2023, Harry also became Managing Director of Tilhill.