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Timber Harvesting

Getting the best possible return from your woodland investment is vital.

Tilhill Forestry is the UK's leading timber harvesting company offering a full range of contracting and timber marketing services to woodland and forestry owners. We are able to supply into all the major wood-using traditional industries and emerging energy markets.

We were the first forestry company in the UK to extend the scope of its Forest Stewardship Council's Chain of Custody certification to include the sale of both Certified and Controlled Wood. All timber harvested and sold by us can be traced back to its origin and has been legally felled.

Our timber harvesting services range from large scale mechanised harvesting of upland forest to horse logging on sensitive sites. Challenges such as having to 'float' harvesters across a peat bog on brash bales, to stump harvesting and heathland restoration are all managed professionally, responsibly and profitably for our customers.

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